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Century A/C Supply Announces Ken Schreiber as New President

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 09/2022

(Houston, TX) - Century A/C Supply, a leading HVAC distributor in the Houston area, is pleased to announce that Ken Schreiber has been promoted to President of Century A/C Supply.

Schreiber is an accomplished executive with more than 2 decades of senior management experience in the HVAC industry. He has over 30 years tenure with Century-affiliated companies and has held the positions of Inventory Control Specialist, MIS Director, VP of Operations and most recently, General Manager. As President, Schreiber will leverage his proven leadership experience to drive strategic planning and profitability for the business.

“It’s an exciting time for Century A/C with the recent acquisition/partnership with Rheem. As we move into our 50th year of business, I look forward to building on the solid foundation laid by Rick Luke and continuing to introduce innovative solutions that will add to the significant growth the company has experienced since 1973”, says Schreiber.

Schreiber most recently held the position of General Manager and will be replacing Rick Luke who has served as President since 1993 and will remain the President of Air Management Supply in the Midwest, a sister company to Century A/C. “Ken has been instrumental in the growth and success of The Century Companies for 30 years. His work ethic has paid dividends in his constant pursuit of accountability and efficiency. His efforts to learn the IT world in the 90’s was paramount in moving the company forward and providing solutions for growth. Advancing to COO and on to General Manager, his knowledge of the distribution business is unmatched. I could not be more confident of leaving the company in his hands. He will continue the legacy of Century that Dennis Bearden started 50 years ago”, says Luke.

About Century A/C Supply

Founded in 1973 by Dennis Bearden, Century A/C Supply is a leading HVAC wholesale distributor with 14 locations throughout the Houston area. Known locally as the exclusive distributor of Ruud air conditioning and heating systems, Century has been recognized by the Houston Chronicle as a Top 100 Private company and a Top Workplace in Houston. Learn more about Century A/C Supply at www.centuryac.com.

Century A/C Supply in Partnership with Ruud Manufacturing Announces Sponsorship of Joe Gibbs Racing No. 19 Car and Brandon Jones in NASCAR Xfinity Series

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 07/2021

Houston, TX - Century A/C Supply is proud to announce the sponsorship of Brandon Jones, driver of the No. 19 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota, in the NASCAR Xfinity Series Cowboy 300 race at Texas Motor Speedway this October 16th in Fort Worth, TX. Ruud Manufacturing is partnering with Century to bring this exciting opportunity to our customers for a private, invitation only experience.

The Century A/C Supply brand will be front and center at the nationally televised race on Saturday, October 16, allowing customers and NASCAR fans to see Century A/C Supply featured on Jones' car, firesuit, and helmet. As a part of the sponsorship, Century A/C Supply will be awarding tickets to select Ruud Dealers for an exclusive Texas-sized Skybox Suite Experience, including the best and coolest view of the entire speedway, non-stop hand crafted food and beverage service, driver autographs and souvenir photos, customized gift bag full of valuable items and collectables, pit and garage tours and a full day of high-value raffles and other surprises.

Two NASCAR experiences will be made available for Ruud dealers via a limited time contest. One dealer will be granted two passes based on the most high-SEER systems purchased between June 23rd and August 31st 2021, and another dealer will be selected based on the most utility rebate claims filed and accepted during the same promotional period. Dealers should contact their Century A/C Supply sales representative for details on each promotion.

LEading up to the event date, Century will be hosting branch events at select locations, including a preview of the Century A/C Supply racecar. Stay tuned for additional internal communications for updates.

Convenient and Contactless Pick Up Lockers

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 04/2021

Century AC Supply

We're excited to announce our new contactless pick up lockers, available at select locations. You can request locker pick up when placing your order for an easier way to get in and out when you need to get back to your job. See flyers above for more information.

Century HVAC Announcement

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 03/2021

To Our Valued Customers

This year marks Century's 48th year in business. When Dennis Bearden founded Century A/C Supply in 1973, his goal was to create the best HVAC distributorship possible by treating employees as family and customers as friends. This is the driving force that has allowed us to become the company we are today.

Last year, Century A/C Supply entered into a new distributor partnership, and as a result, Century A/C Supply's York territory is currently being phased into a new company, Century HVAC Distributing. This newly established company, still owned by Dennis and retaining the same friendly faces you've come to know, will server customers in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, San Marcos, Austin, San Antonio, and the Valley areas.

As we enter the next phase of our business as Century HVAC Distributing, we want to assure you that we will continue to provide the same great service you've come to expect from us. You'll begin to notice a new logo and name on our storefronts, invoices, monthly statements, and other communications as we transition, but our commitments to you remains the same and will not waver. We're dedicated solely to York equipment and providing you with exceptional service, better known as the Century experience.

You may have already noticed one of our most recent upgrades - product lockers at select locations. This will allow you to pick up your order after hours and on weekends, when it is most convenient to you. Please be on the lookout for additional information coming soon.

We invite you to follow the progress of our transition on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, by searching Century HVAC Distributing. I would like to thank all of our customers for making Century grow into the company that it is today, and I look forward to ushering us into this new chapter. Gung Ho, friends!


Todd Shadden,
General Manager

Century A/C Supply Announces Sales Manager Promotions

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 08/2020

Jacob Kunath
Ricky Cheek

(Houston, TX) - Century A/C Supply, a leading HVAC distributor in the state of Texas, is pleased to announce the promotions of Jacob Kunath and Ricky Cheek within the Ruud region, which encompasses Houston and the surrounding areas. These changes come after implementing a new company-wide management strategy and regional leadership structure over the past year.

Jacob Kunath has been with the company for over 13 years as a Multifamily Sales Consultant and was promoted to Multifamily Sales Manager. Jacob excelled in his previous role - he was appointed to the board at the Houston Apartment Association and served as the President of the Product Service Council. Jacob is very active in the multifamily community and has been honored with several awards throughout his career including HAA's Supplier of the Year award in 2017 and the Top 40 under 40 award in 2014. Jacob will oversee the multifamily sales team and implement strategies to increase sales in the Ruud territory.

Ricky Cheek, who started his career with Century 28 years ago, was promoted to Ruud Sales Manager. Ricky started on the parts counter and was quickly promoted to the Territory Manager position managing the Southwest, west, and Northwest Houston territory for 27 years. Ricky will oversee the Contractor outside sales team and will be responsible for the sales initiatives in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Both of these gentlemen have effective teams in place to lead the sales efforts and help grow the Ruud brand. "I'm excited about the expertise and drive that Jacob and Ricky bring to the table. They both exemplify the core values of our company and the future that we are building for our customers and employees", says Ken Schreiber, Ruud Region General Manager.

About Century A/C Supply

Century A/C Supply is a leading wholesale distributor of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and parts with 26 locations throughout the state of Texas. Based in Houston, Century has been recognized by the Houston Chronicle as a Top 100 Private company and a Top Workplace in Houston. Learn more about Century A/C Supply at www.centuryac.com.

Safety Products Available For Customers

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 08/2020

Navigating the COVID-19 Coronavirus and how it impacts the health and safety of employees and customers has been top of mind to business owners. We have products currently in stock to help keep your business operating virus-free including disinjectants, PPE, UV Lights and more to keep your business compliant and safe.


Nu-Calgon's Spray Nine Disinjectant (CAC#454340) is a sodium hydroxide (bleach) based type cleaner with a citrus scent and it can be used to sanitize hard, non-porous surfaces such as tables, walls, stainless steel, and floors.

VapCo's Disinfect Pro (CAC#454344) is an EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant, deodorizer, and an antimicrobial agent designed specifically to eradicate a wide variety of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. For HVAC applications, it is ideal for controlling mold and mildew that grow on and around evaporator coils and ductwork. It is also designed to sanitize and disinfect any hard, non-porous surface, and leaves a light and pleasant citrus scent behind. This product also comes as a Fogger (CAC#454342) and unit can cover 6,000 cubic ft.

PPE (Masks, Gloves, Sanitizer)

AF-PPE Liquid Sanitizer (CAC#458827) 80% alcohol antiseptic, FDA Certified, made in USA, 1-liter units

N95 Blue Face Mask (CAC#449120) - Pack of 50

KN95 White Face Mask (CAC#449145) - Pack of 10

Gloves Black, Disposable (CAC#449358) - Box of 100

Shoe Covers, Disposable (CAC#456300 and CAC#456301)

UV Lights

An air cleaner or UV lamp can remove indoor airborne particles, viruses, odors, and gases that are harmful to your health. These products are installed in the duct of the HVAC system. These products are very effective at reducing airborne and surface microbials, bacteria, viruses, mold allergens, and dust.

Advantage Power PCO (CAC#200328) is an entry level light, a Germicidal UV with PCO (Photo Catalytic Odor Control) technology.

REME LED (CAC#200594) and REME Halo (CAC#200579) Whole home In-Duct Air Purifier proactively treats every cubic inch of air-conditioned space, reducing airborne and surface contaminants and pollutants.

Air Scrubber (CAC#200576) Installed in duct and substantially reduces odors, visible smoke in the air, and microbial populations on surfaces, utlizing ActivePure Technology, which conists of a special UV light and photocatalyst target.

Solaris (CAC#200630) Whole house air purifier eradicates germs, allergens, odors and VOC/chemical pollution using multiple technologies.

(not all products are available at all locations)

Take a look at the product offerings and place your order for these valuable indoor air quality products today!

How Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Products Can Help You

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 05/2020

With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, it may leave you wondering what you can do to be sure that the air you breathe inside your home is clean and free of allergens, viruses, and other pollutants. Breathing quality indoor air is critical for good health. We spend a large amount of time in the comfort of our home and the air we breathe is important. You would be surprised just how many air pollutants are in our homes - pollutants such as carbon monoxide, radon, nitrogen dioxide, mold, asbestos, and more.

How do these pollutants get into your home?

There are various ways pollutants enter a home. Some are tracked into a home just by opening a door or window, some arrive via a new mattress or furniture, carpet cleaners, a coat of paint on the walls, fragrances used in conventional cleaners - the ways are endless.

What are these pollutants and what harm do they cause?

The air inside your home may be polluted by lead, formaldehyde, fire retardants, radon, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, mold, asbestos, and more. Inadequate home ventilation, high temperatures, and humidity keep the air trapped inside the home. The effects of these pollutants can be cancer-causing, such as with asbestos. Other pollutants can lead to asthma symptoms, throat irritation, and allergic reactions, like with contaminants such as formaldehyde, animal dander and dust mites.

What can be done to remove the pollutants from the air?

According to the EPA, there are three basic strategies to improve indoor air quality:

  1. Source Control
  2. Improved Ventilation
  3. Air Cleaners
The most effective way to improve indoor air quality is to eliminate the source of the pollution. For example, a gas stove can be adjusted to decrease the amount of emissions. Controlling at the source is the most cost-effective approach.

Another approach to lowering the concentrations of indoor air pollutants in the home is to increase the amount of outdoor air coming indoors. Opening windows and doors, operating window or attic fans - any way that you can increase the outdoor ventilation rate will help. This is especially true when you are involved in short term activities that generate high levels of pollutants - like painting, paint stripping and hobbies that involve using chemicals.

Purchasing an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) product is another way to reduce pollutants and clean the air in your home. Air purifiers, dehumidifiers, UV lamps, and other IAQ products are essential for getting rid of airborne pollutants and keeping the air in your home clean.

An air cleaner or UV lamp can remove indoor airborne particles, viruses, odors, and gases that are harmful to your healthy. Century A/C offers several of these innovative products, which are installed by a professional in the duct of your HVAC system. These products are very effective at reducing airborne and surface microbials, bacteria, viruses, mold allergens and dust. Take a look at the product offerings and place your order for these valuable indoor air quality products today!

Century A/C Partnership News

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 04/2020

To our valued customers:

This year marks my 34th year as an employee of Century A/C Supply. Over those three and a half decades, I have experienced many changes in the industry, from government regulations to refrigerant changes and base efficiency increases. We have grown from two Houston locations in 1986 to 34 locations spanning Texas and the Midwest. While the industry and company have evolved, one thing that has not changed is Century's commitment to its customers and its mission: empowered employees providing exceptional service. When Dennis Bearden founded Century A/C Supply in 1973, his goal was to create the best HVAC distributorship possible by treating employees as family and customers as friends.

It is this driving force that has allowed us to become the company we are, and today I am proud to announce the next phase of our business's evolution: Century A/C Supply is entering into a new partnership with Rheem. Century A/C Supply has been a distributor of Ruud products in the Houston area since 1986 and its sister company, Air Management Supply, is a Rheem distributor with six locations in the Midwest. With this new alliance, Rheem will become a minority shareholder in Century A/C Supply and Air Management Supply with Dennis retaining a majority of shares. This partnership presents a strategic opportunity for long-term growth and reinforces the strong supplier relationships we have built over the last several decades. Branches within Century A/C Supply's York territory will be phased into a new company, Century HVAC Distributing, owned entirely by Bearden. The businesses will continue to operate independently under the existing leadership teams.

Century A/C, Century HVAC Distributing, and Air Management Supply will continue to provide the same exceptional service and products that we have always offered, keeping employees' and customers' best interests at the center of our strategic decisions. Mike Branson, President of Rheem's Air division, stated that "Rheem is committed to the success of its distributors and contractor customers, and this new partnership allows us to further support one of our long-term channel partners. We look forward to the opportunities ahead with Century A/C Supply and Air Management Supply."

I would like to thank all of our customers and employees who have helped Century grow into the company it is today and look forward to ushering us into this new chapter. Gung Ho, friends.

Rick Luke, President
Century A/C Supply & Air Management Supply

SBA Loan Information for Small Businesses

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 04/2020

We want to be sure you have this important information that pertains to small businesses and the help that is available to you.

The Small Business Administration is offering loans to businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses can apply for the Paycheck Protection Program beginning April 3rd through local lenders and the Economic Injury Disaster Loans at any time on SBA website.

Important Note:

Loan applications open today, April 3rd and "only" $349 billion is allocated to the program; funds will go fast.

The chart below was made available through our partner, HARDI. They have additional resources on their website that can help you navigate the small business resources available to you.

1. Decide which program (or both) is best for your business situation:
(click the chart to view a full version)

2. For PPP loans, contact your local bank or credit union to see if they participate in the SBA 7(a) program or click to find a participating lender and fill out the loan application. Your lender will require tax and payroll information to determine your maximum loan amount.

3. For EIDL loans, apply for the loan on SBA's website.

  • Emergency Economic Injury Grants are available up to $10,000 within 3 days of applying for the loan. This grant does not need to be repaid if the loan is denied and used for approved purposes.

You can find all this information on the SBA Website or the HARDI Website.

We're here to help you, please contact your sales rep directly if you need additional assistance.

Important Coronavirus Update

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 03/2020

To Our Valued Customers:

The safety, health, and well-being of our employees and customers is the primary focus of the leadership team at Century A/C Supply, and we remain committed to keeping everyone informed. You have probably heard that Dallas is under a 'Shelter in Place' order beginning at 11:59 PM Monday, Houston just announced a 'Stay at Home' order effective Tuesday night, and several other municipalities are considering similar announcements. HVAC Systems are critical to the health and safety of building occupants everywhere. Our company is exempt from these orders due to being part of the essential critical infrastructure that grocery stores, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, residences, and other critical entities rely on to maintain safe operations.

While some distributors are closing their doors or only offering curbside pickup, Century A/C is committed to being here for you and to continue offering the same great products and services that have enabled us to serve you for over 47 years. While we have no intention of stopping deliveries, closing our doors, or reducing our store hours during this time of need, we need to remind everyone of our policies to ensure we can continue serving you.

Our store fronts are open

If you wish to limit contact, we are offering curbside pickup. Please call the branch and give them your vehicle description along with your name and driver's license number in place of your signature. We will bring your order to you.

We have options available to you to limit in-person contact and encourage you to take advantage of these options:

  • Call in your order to our Customer Support Center for pickup or delivery:
    • Houston Area and Lufkin: 877-925-9675
    • North Texas, Central Texas, and Rio Grande Valley: 972-792-9675
  • Place your order online at www.centuryac.com - you can make purchases, check inventory and pricing, search for products, make payment to your account and more. You can register for a website account here.
  • Call or Text your order to your local store phone number. You may also call when you arrive at the store location and we can bring your order to you. Click to find the number for your local store.
  • Download our app from the App store or Google Play for easy access placing your order and finding a store location and phone number. Please be sure to enable push notifications to hear of any emergency store closings in your area.

If you need to come into the showroom, please:

  • Wash your hands when entering the branch
  • Help us ensure we are achieving social distancing with a minimum of 6 feet between you and other people in the branch
  • Do not come into the branch if you are feeling sick or showing any symptoms of illness, regardless of if they appear to be COVID-19 related

We are sanitizing all common areas and common surfaces multiple times daily using bleach, disinfectants, and other cleaners. Additionally, we are limiting branch traffic to only essential people and requesting that vendors or unnecessary personnel do not come into the showroom.

For our delivery customers:
Our goal is to continue providing our normal delivery service and schedule, but service may be delayed or disrupted by staffing limitations. We appreciate your patience and encourage you to pick up urgent orders using curbside or will call service at our branches.

Click here to read a flyer from our friends at AHR with tips and reminders to help keep everyone safe and healthy throughout the coming weeks and months.

We truly appreciate your business and we remain committed to serving our loyal customers.

For a full list of Century branches, please click the link below:

Training Center and Lab Grand Opening

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 12/2019

Century A/C Supply, a leading HVAC distributor in the state of Texas, hosted a grand opening celebration on November 14th to debut their new Houston Training Center and Lab. The newly designed training center will be utilized to host public and privately scheduled training events and classes for HVAC contractors and multi-family technicians.

Recent Website Improvements

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 08/2019

We’ve recently made some website improvements that will make our website, clearer, more informative and easier to use. Click the link to view the most recent updates!

Tips for Multifamily Residents: Keeping Cool and Conserving Energy

By Century A/C Supply in HVAC News 07/17/2019

For a copy of the document in Spanish, click here.

Century A/C Supply Announces New Houston Apartment Sales Manager

By Century A/C Supply in HVAC News 06/21/2019

Congratulations to Jacob Kunath on his recent and well-deserved promotion to Houston Apartment Sales Manager. Jacob has been a multifamily sales consultant with Century for over 12 years, is a board member with the Houston...

DFW Area Store Openings and San Antonio Store Relocation

By Century A/C Supply in HVAC News 06/01/2019

Dallas, TX - Century A/C Supply, a leading HVAC distributor in the state of Texas, continues to grow their footprint by opening 2 stores in the DFW area, bringing the total locations in the area to seven. "Century strives to establish conveniently located branches to serve...

Century A/C Supply and York Donate Equipment

By Century A/C Supply in Community Outreach 04/12/2018

Dallas, TX, April 12, 2018 - Century A/C Supply recently donated several pieces of York HVAC equipment to Collin College’s HVAC lab and delivered the equipment for installation. The equipment, which is enough to stock four HVAC labs, will be housed at the Princeton ISD HVAC lab and includes outdoor condensing units, 18 SEER heat pumps, modulating gas furnaces and the controls to operate them.

Beautifying the Japanese Garden at Hermann Park

By Century A/C Supply in Community Outreach 04/12/2018

It was a wonderful weekend to give back by beautifying the Japanese Garden at Hermann Park. Thank you to the Century employees and family members who care so much about our community!

HVAC Trends & Solutions for R-22

By Century A/C Supply in HVAC News 03/2017

During 2017 the multifamily industry will continue to transition away from R-22 due to high cost and regional supply limitations. When making decisions for your property please consider the following...

The Truth About Air Conditioning

By Century A/C Supply in HVAC News 03/2013

Most air conditioning systems are designed to remove enough moisture, humidity, and heat from a room to make it comfortable. This indoor room temperature should average about 20 degrees below the outdoor ambient temperature. This number is based on many important factors...

New CenturyAC.com

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 08/2018

We’re pleased to release the new CenturyAC.com to provide our customers with more convenient shopping options, increased access to product information, and enhanced account management features.