Employee Development

Our mission is to be an employee-driven company providing customers with service beyond expectations. Since employees are at the core of our business’s philosophy, we believe that employee development is key to our success and our customers’. By investing in industry-leading educational programs, we enable our workforce to be better resources for our customers and more responsive to their needs. Through our partnerships with associations like HARDI and BlueHawk, Century A/C has developed extensive training courses to ensure our staff are second to none.

Supply Chain Management Internship

Acquire the skills that will help shape your Supply Chain Management future by joining Century A/C Supply's Internship Program!

Get firsthand experience with:

  • Communication
  • Transportation
  • Planning and Analysis
  • Inventory Control and Management
  • Day-to-day operations

As a Houston Chronicle Top Workplace and Top Private Company, Century A/C Supply is a great place to experience how Supply Chain works in the real world, and is a fantastic addition to your resume. Join our team today, and start your journey to your future in SCM.

Employee Training

Multiple classes are offered through-out the fall and winter to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare for the demands from our customers. This training is either offered in a classroom setting or via remote training options with a live instructor. At the end of each class, a certificate is presented for successful completion.

HARDI Certification Program

HARDI (Heating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International) is a not-for-profit international association serving wholesaler-distributors within the HVAC industry. They offer three certification programs, designed specifically for the HVAC industry, to enhance staff knowledge. With everything from self-paced learning to in-person workshops, their programs ensure that teams are practicing habits that will result in real performance gains for the company.

BLUE HAWK Training

The mission of BLUE HAWK University is to increase Vendor Partners' product sales by training our employees on their products. By learning more about our Vendor Partners' products and why they make sense for customers, we believe it will be easier for you to sell them to your customers.

BLUE HAWK University allows you to work at your own pace, earn rewards, and learn effective ways of selling the BLUE HAWK Vendor Partner products.


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